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The Green Light Café

... in the Café. We are all Bruthas. The first time we titled our moonlit endeavors was in 1996. Ken Young, a man whose heart and desire for mischief dwarf small countries, joined in that night. Dominick James Parris, known to us as the writer of the group, shouldered the responsibility of lyricist. Children may know him as they study his poetry in their high school English classes someday. To me, he will always be Nick…or Funkula. Over a bottle of port, we created tunes until the shadows outside became trees and houses once again. Inspir ...

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Training My Dog

... it will then be time to differentiate right from left. I want the words, “shake right” and “shake left “ to be the conditioned stimulus (CS) and the raising of the appropriate paw to be the conditioned response (CR). I will condition the unconditioned response (UCR), shaking; the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), tapping his leg, by using operant conditioning and liver treats as positive reinforcement. Day 1: I began by acting like I was going to grab Max’ head. Just as I suspected he put his paw on my arm. I tapped his leg and I gave him a t ...

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Personal Writing: My Holiday

... reminded me of my second trip to India. My parents and I had gone there in the summer to visit an aunt and uncle who lived in Bombay. We stayed there for three weeks and from there we went to a place called Pune, which is also in India. My father's friends also accompanied us on the holiday. We went to Pune by train and it took us about five hours to get there. I had not been feeling well and therefore, I was very restless during the train journey. Even then, I was very excited as it was my first train journey. I kept on looking out of ...

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Personal Essay On Hamlet

... someone there for me constantly saying what I should or should not do. I often find myself in situations in which I must be the one to decide if, for instance, I should go to a party or to the bars, or stay home and concentrate on the massive amounts of homework that have piled up. It is at times like these when Mr. Anderson's words of advice float though my head. The one I hear Mr. Anderson saying most often in the back of my mind is one that, until now, I always thought he created. I say this because all of the other morals were obvious on ...

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Person Essay On Charles

... have fun anywhere and everywhere. I first met Charles at Dans, a mutual friends, party, where he told me he had an I itching disease. He was drinking beer and I had cranberry juice with vodka, and since we drove we had to spend the night. So around 3:30am we got tired and went to lie down. As soon as we laid down Charles asked if he could take his shirt off and if I would scratch his back. I told him sure. So he did and that's when he told me he had an itching disease and I wouldn't be able to stop scratching his back until it stop ...

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Creative Writing: Mayor Of Casterbridge

... quoting no need for general labor, especially from a migrant like him, something altogether strange happened in Henchard. Rather than becoming more depressed, he became more determined. He resolved that he would find work in this town, simply to spite the people who had turned him away. He also felt he owed it to himself to try and pick up the pieces of his shattered life in case Susan should ever find him again, despite the slim chance of that ever happening. Though he had his faults, Henchard was strong-minded when he decided to be. ...

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Personal Writing: Museum Of Tolerance

... be honest much nicer. It was a newer building, or at least it looked as if it was newer, and it was around many old buildings. As we pulled into the parking garage I began to feel nervous of what I might see. We walked into the building and bought our tickets, we got the student discount. Our tour time would be at 1:15. To waste a little time we decided to walk around a little and look at the displays. There were many Jewish items that I had never seen before but Coley pointed out most of them and explained what they were and what they we ...

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Creative Writing: The Big Scoop

... and it was like any typical midsummer evening at 6:00pm. The sun was still out shining down, just turning red for sunset. It was not especially hot, but it was still tee-shirt weather. I walked down the rather clean street towards the Citicorp building, thinking excitedly about what was going to happen at the meeting and about what information I could receive from this expierence. It was not long before I was standing in front of the modern Citicorp building. The building exterior consisted of mainly large glass windows which provided a ve ...

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My New Car

... transmission, rear defrost, fog lights, and a power opening trunk. I also had some extras included for my riding pleasure: cruise control, a cell-phone jack, AM/FM radio w/ CD changer, and a CD holder hidden in the arm rest. This car is a gem. With all these great options, how could I pass it up? When I’m in my car I always feel safe. To enter the vehicle you can use the keyless entry system. The system is devised to protect against Car Jackers. In case of a jacking I can alert others by pressing the alert button and my car wil ...

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... maybe we’ll just get more bull crap out of em’ and have more chores to do for repenting!” “Tina, Jake, time to go!” yelled mom from the bottom of the stairs. As we started down the stairs, I began to think about what Jake had just said. Maybe he was right. I mean, we do have alot of power over the house right now anyway. We could just take over and force them to let us do anything. They believe Satanist have alot of power. If they really don’t, we could just not tell them and pretend we do. They would never know the difference anyway. ...

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Killer Instinct

... just as suddenly as he'd departed this life. No fanfare of trumpets, no grandiose announcements, no pre-fight publicity. He simply showed up at Mulligan's Bar one Sunday afternoon when the regulars were discussing the merits of the Tyson/Doakes fight, and settled in the far corner next to the miniscule stage, nursing a half-pint of beer. Mulligan's being the type of place it is, he wasn't alone too long. "Useta call me Black Billy," he growled, lumbering to his feet. His head ducked and dodged, body swayed, as he danced on his toes, s ...

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Creative Writing: Stanley

... new employer, he thought that this was probably the worst mistake that he could have made. Stanley already was employed as a cashier at Butchered Prices town market, and constructed buildings for a general contractor. As a sum of all this, Stanley's life sucked. He worked from dusk until dawn, stopping only to smoke a cigarette or a joint, (although Stan felt he smoked too much of both.) With this third job now beginning, his prospects seemed nothing but grim. In Stanley's mind, work was life and life was hard, so this is how work must ...

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