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Personal Writing: My Interest In The Military

... in military affairs has been encouraged by ROTC community service activities, through learning aabout leadership as a partisipant in the cadet chain of command, and from teachers at ________ who support our efforts to meet our goals. Encouraged by my interest in "Patton" and military strategies, my dad began to share his interest in military history as I grew older. This interest extended out to interest in battleships and battles. Family vcations were sometimes planned around visits to places such as the Russian fort, Fort Ross north ...

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Personal Writing: My Personal Opinion About Alien Life

... of some sort of pyramids on the surface of the red planet in a television show and they also said that some of the holes in the pyramids on earth pointed to mars. So I like to think that the Martian pyramids are the vestige of a long gone civilization that flew to the earth because the Martian environment was too harsh and established themselves as the Egyptians. But that is pure fantasy. Then again... Apparently the discovery of microscopic bacteria has greatly inspired Hollywood with already ten extra-terrestrial movies in the work ...

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Our Father-Son Relationship

... lost the remote control for the television. My father got red in the face. He was demanding that I do not leave the house until the remote was found. I always knew he loved me, but his anger always got in the way. I tried my best never to make him upset by staying out of his way. I felt that I was the young boy in the story, ďArm Wrestling with My FatherĒ because the only time we were somewhat close was during physical actions. A fine example is that he would never miss one of my football games but would not interact in any other a ...

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Nowhere, Kansas

... in the middle of . My dad, cousin, and I were on our way back from a vacation we took back east when our car started to die. We were about a hundred feet away from the next exit when the dumb car finally broke down completely. This nice lady gave us a ride into the town, which was about three blocks long, and thatís where we were, waiting for the outcome. A middle-aged, tall man with dark hair, and a thin mustache walked by us, as to get our attention. This skinny man with his apron tied around his small waste started to bustle around pickin ...

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The Time Of Christmas

... with phone calls for my office. I answered the calls with the formatted, "Merry Christmas, this is Jennifer. How may I help you?" It became automatic. Thirty- forty calls a day answered the same way. At the end of the day I drove to my apartment, actually it was a room I rented with little kitchen privileges. I would set a bag of fast- food down on my dresser or bed and turn on the TV or radio. My small ceramic Christmas tree blinked on and off all night. I could hear other people in the house milling around or talking but I felt like ...

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Personal Writing: Joining The Track Team

... and find out what ďrunning trackĒ was all about. So I went to a meeting and I was automatically interested. It gave me an opportunity to get in shape, meet new friends, and most of all to be active within the school. I was so psyched; I could not wait until Spring Training began. So around the middle of March we formed the 1998 North East track team, and I had no clue what I was in store for. Coach Decker and Coach Burke called a meeting for us one Monday afternoon and explained to all of us the hard work and determination that it was ...

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A Bird

... am reborn again young and beautiful. Iím born in a flame, and ending in flame. Iím a gentle creature, killing nothing. I live on dew and despite my great size, I crush nothing I touch. I always had one problem in my life Ė Iím always lonely. I was looking for Mrs. Right for centuries with no luck. I want to have family, infants at my nest, and duties to do. I canít live alone. My solitude is killing me. The worst thing about being phoenix is that Iím born to be male once, and then the next time I resurrect Iím female. When Iím in stat ...

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Personal Writing: Plans

... spoken command was not meant to be offensive or at all disrespectful. We were a bit louder than usual that morning as we had great plans for the day. Since we had to travel through Denver, we all agreed that we should eat at a nice restaurant and then go to the zoo where we could eat some more and see the animals then probably eat some more. Daddy was a bit tense and growly, his usual demeanor when traffic was thick as it was on that Friday morning. "Everyone and their Grandma is on this one road to Denver," he grumbled. My Daddy is ...

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Personal Writing: Memories

... at 2-2 going into the second half. My team knew what we had to do, we needed to control the ball and pass around them because they were playing an offsides trap. Both teams were in a struggle and needed to score with time running out. The ball was hit into our offensive end and I went for it. I deeked out the first player and now it was one on one with the goalie. My mind was going crazy.. should I shoot it nowÖ should I waitÖ should I try dribbling by himÖ Then Baaammm I was on the ground and I heard the whistle blow. I saw all the paren ...

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Creative Writing: The Tale Of Me And Summer Reading

... of a sudden I got this thirst for a nice cool beverage. Thoughts began to flow through my mind about how quenching and replenishing that glass of coke would taste. This caused me to immediately jump out of the pool and run in for a drink. As I took a cup from the cabinet I saw in the reflection of the glass a blue sheet on the refrigerator. I immediately turned around and there I saw under a magnet, on the refrigerator, the summer reading list! I wanted to start reading as soon as possible. Although I wanted to see how many books I c ...

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My Job At E-Dak

... the paranoid survive, at a company with a business model in defiance of Moore's Law. At the time the term 'information superhighway' hadn't been coined yet, but it would soon become our driving focus, as data traffic over long-haul networks skyrocketed and the world's telecommunications providers increased their investment in high-capacity fiber-optics. With an innovative product line that provides pavement for the information highway, E-Dak quenches an unending and growing thirst for bandwidth. For me E-Dak has meant working at the fou ...

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The Lesson

... books was to keep a list of everything, and store this list in a very safe places. My father told me an interesting parable to teach me this lesson. There was a king of a great land whom was known for itís ever bountiful storehouses of grain. One day, from a neighboring, a young farmer came to ask the wise king what his secret was. The king told him that he kept the most accurate books of what was sold, when, and to whom. He said that the key was to guard these books as If your life depended on it. So the young farmer went back and ...

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