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Ancient Civilizations

... for a long time, but not until recently the truth was uncovered about the Mayas. The Mayas were actually rulers of the populous, aggressive city-states. The Mayas built large temples for the glory of the kings and sometimes the queens who ruled cities of tens of thousands. They also had a liking for self-mutilation, warfare, and a prolonged torture of captives. The Mayas had warfare with rival cities frequently. For the most part the Mayas did this to capture aristocrats for torture and sacrifice. If the Mayas sacrificed fewer hum ...

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The Constitution

... that arose from the Revolutionary period. The first line of the Preamble states, We the People of the United States... ." This implies that the new government that was being formed derived its sovereignty from the people, which would serve to prevent it from becoming corrupt and disinterested in the people, as the framers believed Britain's government had become. If the Bill of Rights is considered, more supporting ideas become evident. The First Amendment's guarantee of religious freedom could have been influenced by the colonial tradition ...

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Hiram Ulysses Grant

... the name of Gen. Zachary Taylor and Gen. Winfield Scott. In 1854 while stationed at Fort Humboldt, California, Grant resigned his commission because of loneliness and drinking problems. He spent the following years in unsuccessful farming and business ventures in Missouri. He moved to Galena, Illinois, in 1860 where he worked in his father’s leather shop. Grant was appointed colonel and soon afterward brigadier general of the Illinois volunteers at the outbreak of the Civil War. Grant wanted to fight for the Union. He was an officer of ...

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Fall Of The Roman Empire

... one of iron dust.” To deal with the invasions, the size of the Roman army was increased. Serfs, one of the largest segments of the population, were not allowed to serve in the army. From the excerpt from the textbook, The Course of Civilization, the serfs were "bound to the soil and…excluded from political responsibilities.” Therefore, many foreigners, especially Germans, took part in the army. With outlanders coming in the army, the army did not succeed because these people did not have the same drive (as a Roman) to protect the emp ...

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The Roots Of Communist China

... in the past more deeply than one would tend to expect of a movement seemingly so convulsive. The Chinese superiority complex institutionalized in their tributary system was justified by any standards less advanced or efficient than those of the modern West. China developed an elaborate and effective political system resting on a remarkable cultural unity, the latter in turn being due mainly to the general acceptance of a common, although difficult, written language and a common set of ethical and social values, known as Confucianism. ...

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Purposes Of The Concentration And Death Camps In Europe During World War II

... and others. Concentration camps are not prisons where people are kept because they have been lawfully convicted of some criminal offense; they are places where political dissidents and members of national or minority groups are confined for reasons of state, security, exploitation, or punishment for imagined or accused crimes. With the onset of war in 1939, the need for laborers resulted in the creation of forced labor camps in which prisoners became virtual slaves. Jews were subdued to inhumane treatment, which resulted in death through ...

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India 3

... is the seventh largest country in the World. Approximately 14.5% of the Worlds population live in India. There are more people in India than there are in North and South America together. There is a great diversity in the people of India. Some have great wealth. Others have only a few cents a day to survive on, and a great percentage of the people are homeless. While some attend University and benefit from free education, many more sleep in the streets and have never gone to school. India has many natural resources. It was once thought o ...

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The Marshall Plan

... Americans, for the most part, were not paying much attention. Having won World War II, "most Americans just wanted to go to the movies and drink Coca-Cola," said Averell Harriman, who had been FDR's special envoy to London and Moscow during the second world war. But in Washington and New York, a small group of men feared the worst. Most of them were, like Harriman, Wall Street bankers and diplomats with close ties to Europe and a long view of America's role in the world. They suspected that in the Kremlin, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ...

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BNL - When I Fall Poetry

... At this point the window washers troubles take on the form of deep mental anguish where he resorts to prayer and laments on the physically and mentally troubling aspects of his world. In the next stanza, the window washer comments on the prestige of the boardroom he looks into as he washes the windows. Here he addresses the change he wants to make in his life and states that he would like to swap places with the business men in the room. However, he realizes that this is impossible because they would never agree to lower themselves to the ...

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New Jersey During The Revolution

... army across NJ to the other side of the Delaware River, the first battle of Trenton, on December 26th, 1776, the battle of Princeton, on January 3rd, 1777, the battle of Monmouth, on June 28th, 1778, the Battle of Connecticut Farms, on June 6th, 1780, and the Battle of Springfield, on June 23rd, 1780, which was one of the larger battles of the war, for numbers of troops involved. In addition, there were hu ndreds of smaller battles, engagements, skirmishes, raids, etc. involving regular troops, militia units and loyalist units, and many a ...

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Les Miserables

... too. ‘“Jean Valjean, my brother, you no longer belong to evil, but to good. I have bought your soul, that it may not be lost.”’(26). The Bishop’s Influence on Jean will stay with him for the rest of his life. Cosette’s influence on Jean Valjean is welcome and realized most by Jean. Cosette influenced Jean with her need for love and a father figure. When Jean first met Cosette, he realized her reaching out for someone to fill in these missing spots in her life. As Jean took care of Cosette he gave her a loving, elder, tr ...

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The Atomic Bomb And Hiroshima

... the fact that Japan was already defeated and would have surrendered in response to Russia’s declaration to enter the war against the Japanese. However, Japan was known to fight to the bitter death and the use of the atomic bomb and it vast power may have been the only option that would force Japan to surrender. Understanding the decisions and the outcomes that take place during this time of war will better our knowledge and decision-making in the future. Over a century ago the first atomic bomb was created in Los Alamos, New Mexico. It wa ...

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