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Creative Writing: The Substitute

... separated from it. She kept looking at it as if there was something really important in it. Class ended early when dismissed us an hour early. A friend and I were curious of her queer behavior and hid in the closet. For the first few seconds all seemed normal and then a minute passed. The silence was broken by her bolting out of her chair and locking all the doors and pulling all the curtains. Seating herself back into her seat she began rummaging through the duffel bag. She stopped and seemed to hesitate for a second slowly scanning the ...

Number of words: 465 | Number of pages: 2

Personal Writing: The Path To The Unknown

... of Dayton. I have maps and room numbers for those of you who have never done this before. One more thing Willie Anderson, the coordinator, asked me to see if I could get one more trombone, two trumpets, and another alto sax for the band. Anyone interested?" Without thinking, my hand shot up like a bullet, and before I could realize what I had done, Mr. Yeazell called on me. " Mr. Coleman, thanks for volunteering. Since I know your playing ability, I will tell Willie that there is no need for a tryout. Besides, I think he is beco ...

Number of words: 1298 | Number of pages: 5

My First Airplane Trip

... for her, I had to get there fast. Although I knew the only logical way was to fly, I was still so scared of getting on an airplane. A couple of hours after the call, I knew the only decision I could make was to call the airline and get tickets. After calling the airline, my boyfriend and I were on our way to the airport. During the ride to the airport I was so nervous, I felt my knees shaking, my palms were sweaty, and my heart was racing. By the time we were in line to get our boarding passes, I knew I had to go through with it, there ...

Number of words: 365 | Number of pages: 2

Achilles Anophtheis (Achilles Revisited)

... thanks to the efforts of our colleagues at the Physical Research Society who, with the aid of Allah, have made our task infinitely easier with the invention of a radiation suit which allows our field workers to work even in areas of the highest radiation concentration: the cities of what was formerly the United States of America. The discoveries are literally pouring in, and we have our hands full simply cataloguing the numerous finds. Our first find was a small rectangular object, containing a spool of thin ribbon, which one of our hist ...

Number of words: 3355 | Number of pages: 13

Creative Writing: Heroz

... arrows were the only thing that would get rid of the dragons and were manufactured by local Lamronians inside Tower Two of Lamron Castle. Arrow making was not only a boring job but a very tedious one. This story is about how the magic arrow makers turned their mundane jobs into valuable and rewarding ones through self empowerment. One day 3 of the workers, Art Halegiver (the shaft turner), Mac (the head shaper) and Wendy (the wand waver) were having lunch and while discussing their individual jobs, realized how unh ...

Number of words: 1958 | Number of pages: 8

Creative Story: Kid In Closet

... of a kid being bad and getting punished for it. But they weren't your butt slapping punishments like all the other kids got. They were kids locked away in basements for the rats to eat, getting sold on the street to dirty men, things to the degree only the grotesque mind could imagine such a horror. But when Wolfgang was really menacing or his dad was drunk he would tell the story of the kid in the closet. The kid in the closet story scared Wolfgang so much he wouldn't dare get near one. The night had fallen and the dealers came ...

Number of words: 1163 | Number of pages: 5

Personal Writing: About Me

... house with my parents and grandparents. It is very common in Portuguese households to have your grandparents living in the same house as you. My culture has taught me that my elders are to be treated with the utmost respect because they have suffered in the past and have helped in creating us. We are a very religious culture and that can be seen at the many festivals honouring various saints. When my family visited Portugal, my breath was taken away by the beautiful sights and simple life on the farm. Nobody had a rushing schedule and e ...

Number of words: 725 | Number of pages: 3

My First Job At Buzzy's Diner

... side of the dining area there is a counter with stools where people who come there by themselves go to eat and read the newspaper. The tables and the countertop are an off-white color underneath a pattern of random gray lines that looks like shattered glass. The seats for the tables are dark wooden benches, many of them are dented and scratched from their years of use. In one corner there is an ancient cigarette machine (the kind with levers you have to pull to get your cigarettes) and an old fashioned penny gumball machine. The walls ...

Number of words: 806 | Number of pages: 3

Creative Story: Everything Ends

... the white puffs of steam coming out of her mouth. Soon it would be nighttime. That meant that the temperature would fall so dramatically that she might get hypothermia. Thus, she gathered up numerous dead brown leaves among the forest floor and pushed them all over her body as she lay down on the cold black dirt. Jennifer became worried that "the man" or one of his "best friends" would find her. What would she do? She began searching for something sharp - like a twig or a stone. Her hand enclosed on a smooth metal oval-shaped rock. T ...

Number of words: 1296 | Number of pages: 5

Creative: In The Lamp Light

... the clinic door. His steps were slow and deliberate. Not like those of someone suffering the wounds of age, but as if each step was a new adventure with no past and an uncertain future. He stopped beneath a yellow light. Tall and slim, he was, with thick, white sideburns, and a distant manner that added to the impression of nobility. I sucked a slow, deep breath between pursed lips and held it, as if I had a cigarette. First I remembered the smoke warm and biting; then I remembered it menthol-cool. Where the second person came fr ...

Number of words: 1873 | Number of pages: 7

Personal Reflections

... house meticulously, which mirrored his career, a famous art restorer. I never told him I loved him. We had an emotionally distant co-existence. One thing I have held dear like the person in Living through Personal Crisis by Dr. Ann Kaiser Stearns who saved all the clothes of their loved one is a small crystal Easter egg that he gave to me one Easter. It is a symbol of his love, and my valuing it. Mostly, he showed his love through things and outings to plays and musical recitals. Those times were sometimes fun sometimes tedious. But today, ...

Number of words: 2546 | Number of pages: 10

Skiing - Creative Essay

... wind, nonexistent at the bottom, began to gust. Its cold bite found my nose. Its quick and sudden swirling movement kicked loose snow into my face, forcing me to zip my jacket over my chin. It's strange how the gray clouds, which seemed so far above me at the bottom, really didn't appear that high anymore. If I had a tall enough ladder, I mig ht be able to touch them. As I gazed out over the landscape, the city below seemed unrecognizable. The enormous buildings which I had driven past earlier looked like dollhouses a child might p ...

Number of words: 705 | Number of pages: 3

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