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Autobiography Of Marina Pitkowski

... as mine was. Although it wasn't the greatest, I always try to look at the bright side of things. Yes it was tattered, but my suitcase had a story behind it. My life started back in Warka, my home town in Poland. The suitcase belonged to my father, Vladimir. Now it was mine, after all, my father was too sick to come to America, and my mother refused to go without him. She was always very loyal to him. We went through some low times when I was growing up. We often didn't have that much money, especially to get new luxuries such as ...

Number of words: 804 | Number of pages: 3

Personal Writing: My First Time Experiencing Riding A Bicycle

... pedals. Last so that I would not have any problems. My dad recalled that the bicycle was the smallest he could find. I remember how gigantic it was. I was so afraid of it and there was no way that I was going to control that monster-sized material. The bicycle remained in my backyard as a decoration for a month because I refused to ride it. Honestly, I was scared to try it. After a month, my dad gave me a lecture to teach me what being a man was all about. I was finally determined to try it. My dad was proud of me an ...

Number of words: 588 | Number of pages: 3

The Disproof (and Proof) Of Everything

... everything exists, for everything is possible all at the same time. Now, by now the reader of this paper is thinking "How is this possible?" or "This guy should be locked up!". Therefore, I plan to explain how I reached this conclusion in this paper. However, I must give fair warning, that some of the logic I used is strange and complex. If you have any doubts about your mental health, or are unsure of your capacities and limitations in any way, please do not read this, or at least do not take it seriously. For those of you who feel yo ...

Number of words: 2047 | Number of pages: 8

My Car Accident

... the time frame of the accident I must have blacked out after being hit, because I rear ended the car in front of me. When I came into looking at my surroundings I notice the smell of gas and burnt rubber. The police had me step out of the car to look at the actual damages of the accident. My car was completely bleeding with fractures and broken parts. The bumper was folded underneath to my tires, the front lights were shattered and the front fenders were fractured with cracks everywhere. Officer Gage started to take my report :” ...

Number of words: 487 | Number of pages: 2

Going To The Beach

... and enjoying other services provided by travel companies. Although it really is careless relaxation, my friends and I always preferred to travel to wild places. After the complicated life of the big city, with its intense traffic and polluted air, with its endless problems, union with nature seemed to us the most worthwhile way to relax. Getting prepared for the trip already made me excited. It was very important not to forget anything. Finally, when all preparations were made, and the cars loaded up, we, following our chosen route, dreamed ...

Number of words: 823 | Number of pages: 3

Stresses In My Life

... didn’t work out. My mother became desperate to leave my father since their marriage wasn’t working out and also due to her daily responsibilities ceasing. Moreover, she left to reunite with her family just seperating from him and to possibly begin exploring. Stresses in my Life Stress in my life has taken a toll on others, especially my friends, and continues to be the reason why I often feel depressed. Although some of my friends may describe me as being polite, easy going, and stress-free, I have many stresses causing me to become fr ...

Number of words: 318 | Number of pages: 2

Creative Writing: My Summer Off

... “It will be the culmination of your six weeks of learning and will count as a considerable part of your grade for the course. We will begin at eight tomorrow morning. Get some practice, get some sleep, see you there.” I don't know what drew me to the course but I can remember my parents telling me they felt I should go to summer school. I was opposed to the concept of summer school right up to the moment I was issued the dictum “go to school or get a job”, at which point I became the world's greatest advocate of off-season learning. Be ...

Number of words: 1528 | Number of pages: 6

Creative Story: In Short

... to be drunk at the time. Now I drink even more just to soften the constant hangover. The hearing were probably the worst part of whole ordeal. Three weeks of being put in the spotlight. Every inch of my life was put under a big magnifying glass. Every mistake I made in the last fourteen years was read bunch of know-nothings who sit and pretend to run a hospital. The mistakes weren't very frequent, at least, not until I started to drink. I suppose you want to know the reason I started to drink. Well, I mess up big time during ...

Number of words: 681 | Number of pages: 3

Personal Writing: My Friend's Death From AIDS

... will die before anything resembling a cure is discovered. First is the issue of funding. While there is currently a debate over how much government should set aside for the research of AIDS, I believe it is a waste of time. It is the way that money is spent, and not the amount that is important. The leading scientists in this area have stated that they are in very early stages of a long-term project. If you double the amount of money set aside for research, you will not find a cure in half the time. The billions that are currently alloca ...

Number of words: 403 | Number of pages: 2

Personal Writing: Results Of My Grammar Retest

... done was( I think ) hard. The first test, I studied for about 1 hour and after that I thought that I would score high on the test. I ended up getting a little lower then I expected. Then, I heard that there would be a retest so I felt no need to study hard but to only review what I have learned. During a test, I have many suggestions to my classmates. First the best way to get a good result is to study until you are capable of remembering what you have studied. Then, in the morning, I always do a review just to remember more. ...

Number of words: 266 | Number of pages: 1

Summer By The Pool

... surrounded me like a blanket of warmth. I opened my eyes and saw the sun glaring down at me. I looked around seeing enjoyment on everyone’s faces and hearing laughs from all directions. Four people were standing underneath the canopy trying to escape from the sizzling cement, eating watermelon, and having a “spitting for distance” contest. Two people were sun bathing in lawn chairs. The others were in and out of the pool showing off. The shimmering blue water reflected the sun like a mirror. When I looked away all I could see were color s ...

Number of words: 293 | Number of pages: 2

Creative Writing: Haunted Mansion

... the kitchen. The kitchen was old a musty smelling. As I walked to the back of the kitchen, I noticed a door. I stared at it. A second later it opened! I ran out of the kitchen as fast as I could and ran up the stairs. Up stairs it was even darker. I saw a long narrow hallway with a lot of doors on both sides and on the end. I checked all of the doors and I could only get into one of them. I walked into the one that I could get into and heard someone yelling and pleading. I grew scared but then noticed it wasn't a person. It looked like ...

Number of words: 873 | Number of pages: 4

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