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Euthanasia: When Life Is To Be Feared More Than Death

... patient suffering from malignant cancer or some other terminal illness. How “right” is it to keep injecting drugs and performing small operations to keep the patient alive, only to lengthen his suffering? As in the case of the irreversibly comatose patient, euthanasia is not only morally justified, it is the only alternative for those truly concerned with the patient’s welfare. Euthanasia is clinically defined as an “act or practice of painlessly putting to death persons suffering from incurable conditions or diseases. The word “ ...

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Drug Dependence

... smoking, 100,000 from misuse of alcohol, and 20,000 from use of illicit drugs. Many of the adverse health effects associated with the use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs result from long-term use caused by substance dependence (i.e., addiction)---a cluster of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms indicating sustained psychoactive substance use despite substance-related problems. In addition, substance dependence is characterized by repeated self-administration that usually results in tolerance, withdrawal, and compul ...

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Hip Surgery

... your lower back. You are also given medicine to relax you and you may fall asleep, but you can still breathe on your own. The potential advantages of the epidural anesthesia include less blood loss and less risk of lung problems and blood clots in the legs. Also, the epidural can be continued after your surgery to help control the pain. If you are young and/or without vascular disease, your surgeon and anesthesiologist may employ methods to lower blood pressure (hypotensive anesthesia) to conserve blood loss, and to assist in obtainin ...

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Assisted Suicide

... law, but we are only going to discuss a few of them. First of all we will examine why anyone would want to take their own life and decipher the differences between a rational suicide and an irrational suicide. Secondly we will look at ways assistance has played in the area of suicide. Next, we'll look at what the constitution says and see if any of the states have allowed suicide. Finally, we'll study some of the cases that have been brought before the American courts. Suicide has become a big part of American society, year after ye ...

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The Controversy Surrounding The Gulf War Syndrome

... the first air strikes against Iraq with ease. He would have several more days like this up to the 24th of February when the allied forces halted military actions. Kuwait was a mess, but it seemed as though the allies had done their job. There was also another reason to celebrate. The allies only lost 149 troops to Iraq's thousands and thousands. On April 6, it was officially over after Iraq agreed to a permanent cease-fire. Allied troops started heading home, including Mark. There were tears and laughs along with parades and other fes ...

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Genetics And Evolution: Cystic Fibrosis And Down Syndrome

... physical therapy to help patients cough up the obstructing secretions. Patients with pancreatic insufficiency can take pancreatic enzymes with meals. Intestinal obstruction, which occurs primarily in infancy (meconium ileus), may require surgery. The liver may also be seriously affected by Cystic Fibrosis. No cure for the disease has yet been found. Cystic fibrosis is the most common inherited fatal disease of Caucasians, occurring about once in every 2500 births. If both parents carry the gene responsible for the disease, they have a one-in-f ...

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... very quickly disappeared . AIDS is becoming a global epidemic. No country is safe from it. There has been AIDS cases reported around the world, in such places as the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Southeast Mediterranean , and Oceania. This helps to show that AIDS knows no geographical boundries (Folks). This disease has been likened to the Black Plaque that decimated Europe during the middle ages. By April 1984, scientists had identified the virus responsible for AIDS and by March 1995 developed a blood test for it (Combati ...

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... dyslexia. He called it “ word-blindness”. But, Dr. Kussmaul thought that dyslexia was directly related to vision problems. Approximately ten years later W.P Morgan gave it the name dyslexia. WP Morgan also classified it much better. He described it as a variety of reading, writing, and spelling disorders. Later James Hinshelwood, a Scottish eye surgeon cleared up the myth that dyslexia is caused bye vision problems. There are many distinct types of dyslexia, but there is not just one particular cause of dyslexia. The causes are u ...

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AIDS: Myths And Facts

... contracting AIDS, and to present some places that AID victims can go for help. First, I will try to present some of the myths and some of the actual facts surrounding AIDS. Some tend to believe that it is spread by kissing, touching toilet seats, and even that it is spread by mosquitoes. AIDS has also been labeled the disease of homosexual men. These are all false beliefs,proven through many scientific studies. Hemophiliacs have contracted AIDS, after having been giving transfusions of blood which was contaminated with the HIV v ...

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The Female Body

... during intercourse. The epithelium of the mucosa is a stratified squamous epithelium adapted to stand up to friction. Certain of the mucosal cells act as antigen-presenting cells & are thought the route of HIV transmission from an infected male to the female during intercourse. The vaginal mucosa has no glands; it is lubricated by the cervical mucous glands. Its epithelial cells release large amounts of glycogen, which is anaerobically metabolized to lactic acid by resident bacteria. Consequently, the pH of a woman’s vagina is n ...

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Cholera: Virulence, Origin, And Pandemics

... it does no good to measure virulence in this way. Instead, different strains of HIV can be quantified by how fast they produce the onset of AIDS. In short, the more virulent strains have greater success in shortening the length of onset of AIDS after contracting HIV (1). The second type of virulence noted by Ewald (1) was in circumstances where contraction of the pathogen did not guarantee death to the host. Most pathogens we are familiar with today fall into the latter category. In this case, virulence of the pathogen can, and is, m ...

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The Sports Medicine Profession

... ages are becoming involved. The research literature on the epidemiology of sports-related injuries has been growing slowly as various individuals and groups have attempted to gather data on the risks of participating in various sports. Almost all of these attempts have focused on sports in an organized setting, for younger age groups, and have involved relatively short-term observations. With the recent increase in participation in general fitness activities, and with such participation being encouraged by the medical community as a ...

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