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... Curves that measure ten degrees or less are considered normal and do not interfere with strength, joint mobility, endurance, or any other body function. They are not true , and do not increase the likelihood of developing back pain, arthritis, disc herniation, or any other musculoskeletal problem. Treatment of scoliotic curves of ten degrees or less is unnecessary; sometimes these curves may correct themselves (. 1997). However, curvatures that measure between ten and twenty degrees bear watching (Rosenthal, Mark S. MD : A sen ...

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Herbal Extracts And Hormones

... percent of the world's people. Mowry, pgs.1-11 In the United States, with the introduction of herbal capsules and pills, people are enjoying the benefits of Earth's good medicines. The herb industry has been growing at about thirty percent per year for the past several years. Herbs are being used in homes, for more than just spicing the sauce or glazing the chicken. Herbs are being used as an alternative for medications as well. In the coming years, we may see the introduction of newer and better medicinal herbs as scientists Mowry pgs ...

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Clostridium Difficile And Psuedomembranous Colitis

... nosocomially within a hospital. It is found in the fecal matter of infected patient, but can live outside the host until orally ingested due to its sporical capabilities. Transmission could occur from contaminated linens, bedpans, commodes, showers, patient to patient contact, or any place where fecal matter could be contacted. The lack of proper aseptic techniques is the leader for the spread of this bacterium. Psuedomembranous Colitis Psuedomembranous colitis primarily affects the elderly and debilitated. It usually occ ...

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Dissociative Identity Disorder

... overwhelming abuse, it is not surprising that he/she would psychologically flee from full awareness of their experience. Dissociation is often a defensive pattern that continues into adulthood and will result in a full-fledged dissociative disorder. Dissociative disorders main feature is a disturbance or alteration in the normally integrative functions of identity, memory, or consciousness. If the disturbance occurs in memory, Dissociative Amnesia of Fugue results; important personal events cannot be recalled. Dissociative Amnesia wit ...

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The Battle Against AIDS

... States in 1984. The virus became known as HIV-1. In 1985, scientists in France identified another closely related virus that also produces AIDS. This virus, named HIV-2, occurs mainly in Africa. HIV-1 occurs throughout the world. HIV infects certain white blood cells, including T-helper cells and macrophages, that play key roles in the functioning of the immune system. The virus attaches to specific molecules found only on the surface of the cells. These molecules are called CD4 receptor molecules, and the cells themselves are often ref ...

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The History Of Medicine

... lack of food, by traumas, fears, and stresses. The first physician was man himself. His medicine was based on instinct, using methods of self-healing, licking, sucking, and blowing on his lesions. Man first began to learn of anatomy through accidental or battle wounds, cutting up animals, and even cannibalism. Tools used as weapons were being used to make incisions. Licking and sucking were replaced by bloodletting , scarification , amputation, and surgery with stone tools. Copying the acts of previous monkeys, the first casts wer ...

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... and serious potassium depletion, and teeth may be damaged due to the acid nature of the regurgitated food. usually develops during adolescence (most commonly among females) as a result of various psychological pressures, the most obvious one being the social emphasis on the desirability of slimness. Various modes of group and behavioral therapy are used in treating the disorder. Because patients with often suffer from depression as well, antidepressant drugs may be effective. Bulimics, those people with , go through periods of se ...

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Mad Cow Disease

... Although there are many forms of Spongiform encephalopathies that affect a wide range of animals, BSE has received the most attention because many people in the world consume beef and people are that they might contract the disease from eating a burger at their favourite fast-food restaurant. In this essay I will discuss BSE and other forms of Spongiform encephalopathies, how it affects the ani mal, what causes the animals to contract the disease, and the recent issues of BSE in the world. I hope to set out the true facts about BSE and tha ...

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Marajuana: Effects And After Effects

... be used medically or for an intoxicant. Doctors prescribe it to relieve pain for people in chemotherapy, or with other diseases. During the 1960's and 1970's mainly teenagers used marijuana. In the 1970's 11% said they used it daily, but recently, only about 5% use it daily. In 1975, 27% of people said they used it that previous month, and in 1978, that figure grew to 39%, but dr Rapid, loud talking and bursts of laughter are in the early stages of intoxication and sleepy or stuporous is in the later stages. Forgetfulness in ...

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The Middle Of Life

... parting, either emotional (not being as close) or all together (move far away). They may also need to cope with the uncertainty of when their children will be leaving because there are no guidelines on when this stage will come or pass. The time of retirement, and when all the children have left, is called the empty nest. For most parents, this is the threshold of their lives and usually includes a large lifestyle change. They have the crisis of losing their role as a parent and needing to find a new sense of identity without this role. Fe ...

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... The disease is principally characterized by a permanent and severe sleepiness and fatigue, however, there are wide variations between both the development and the severity of the symptoms associated with . The symptoms usually appear independent of one another, and in addition, the sequence in which symptoms appear is never uniform. Initially, the symptoms are rather mild and increase in severity at a gradual rate over a period of years. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) and Cataplexy are the two primary symptoms of . Other symptoms inc ...

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14 Elements Of A Successful Safety & Health Program

... also need to evaluate and modify or replace exisiting processes, equipment and facilities to make them safer. We explore how the design and function of the workplace can complement safety and health goals, minimize exposure to hazards and promote safe practices. Element 3: Safety Performance Management As in all areas of operations, standards must be set for safety performance. They should reflect applicable regulatory requirements, additional voluntary guidelines and best business practices. We describe how managers, supervisors and emp ...

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