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Small Pox

... learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of this horrible disease. Small pox which was often refereed to as a life threatening disease, is caused by a virus, which was not discovered until the nineteenth century. Most of the victims whom acquired small pox, was a result of face to face contact. It is passed through the nose where tiny particles are released when the infected person sneezes, also by the mouth where particles are once again ejected when the victim coughs. The disease can be transmitted by dried small pox scabs a ...

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Addiction: Its Causes And Effects

... Why did the star of Grace Under Fire, Brett Butler become addicted to a prescription painkiller that almost took her life? These disparate stories show that addiction in the United States is rampant. Society believes that people become addicted because of weakness of will when, in fact, the new way of thinking leads us to believe addictive behavior is caused by a chemical in the brain called dopamine. The word addiction comes from two Latin words ad dictum. Ad dictum means "to the dictator". When people were captured and sent into slavery, ...

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Myotonic Dystrophy

... persons, from 50 to 80; and severely affected individuals, 2,000 or more copies. The presence of the genetic alteration may first be identified in a family when a child is born with the form of the condition known as congenital myotinic dystrophy. As the gene is passed on from generation to generation, the condition may have an earlier age of onset and more serious clinical features in each succeeding generation - a phenomenon referred to as anticipation. Anticipation occurs more frequently when the gene is passed from mother to child rather ...

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Anorexia Nervosa

... normal body weight. In striving to be attractive by loosing weight, a person with anorexia may begin to diet in order to lose just a few pounds. But, they don't stop dieting there, and an abnormal concern with dieting is established. Nobody knows what triggers the disease process, but suddenly, losing five to ten pounds is not enough, the anorectic patients becomes intent on losing weight. It is not uncommon for someone who develops the disorder to starve itself, until she weighs just 60 or 70 pounds. Throughout the starvation process, th ...

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Preventing Health Problems Through Running

... sources agree that running, and some other aerobic exercises, reduce the risk of: Diabetes, diverticular disease, heart decease, several types of cancer, and even common sicknesses like a cold. One source agrees that running reduces the risk of diabetes. Jim Harmon writes, in Sports Illustrated, about Bruce Leonard, a marathoner with a masters degree in public health. Bruce Leonard went to study the Zuni Indian tribe. This tribe has had a bad history of diabetes until they started to run. Leonard said, After the Zuni tribe started ...

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Biological Warfare And Terrorism

... became suspicious many people on the train were coughing. Those near enough to see the package and the clear liquid s eeping from it began feeling dizzy and many were bleeding from the nose and mouth. This was not the only train car to receive such a dangerous package. This and four similar incidents took place at about the same time in the Tokyo subway system on March 20, 1995. The five packages were disguised to look like lunch boxes or soda conta iners and it was reported that the chemical agent used was an impure or dilute solution of ...

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... most known feature of the hypnotic trance is that hypnotized person becomes easily influenced by the suggestions others-usually the hypnotist. They retain their abilities to act and are able to walk, talk, speak, and respond to questions; but their perceptions can be altered or distorted by external suggestions. At the command of the hypnotist, subjects may lose all feeling in a place on the body, and any kind of pain will not cause them any pain. The heartbeat can be slowed or quickened, and a rise in temperature and perspiration can b ...

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Resuscitation From Severe Hemorrhage

... in the blood stream while avoiding cardiac arrest, and hemorrhagic shock. Even when normotension is restored and cardiac arrest is avoided, hemorrhagic shock, which can cause organ failure, is often a problem. There are 3 types of hemorrhagic shock: compensated hemorrhagic shock; uncompensated hemorrhagic shock, the shock which is reversible; and irreversible hemorrhagic shock. The most popular way of resuscitation is the use of lactated ringer's solution to make up for lost blood volume by making the cells swell and in turn restore ...

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... in life, seems to be the only way to fix the problems. The "" of Socrates, drinking hemlock, was an action of honor ( Thus, it was the decision of Socrates to drink the poison when he had the chance for escape. Judas committed after turning Christ into the authorities. He voluntarily hung himself from a tree to compensate, he thought, for his actions. Both Judas and Socrates fit the definition of because they took their own lives. The reasons for why people commit listed on incl ...

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Cigarette Smoking

... areas. While some people feel that smoking in public places should remain since it is their right, smoking in public places should be banned because second-hand smoke will endanger non-smokers health and it pollutes the enviroment. Smokers feel they have had the right to smoke in a public place for so long that it should not be taken away. Resturants and businesses should be allowed to set their own smoking rules, based on demands of the customers. Also business may decrease if they do not allow smokers the right to smoke, ecspec ...

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Amico Acids - The Building Blocks Of Life

... does not produce complex organization, but only greater chaos. Dr. Herald Bloom says. The problem that we have is that the theory of evolution teaches that some 3.5 to 4.5 billion years ago. There was this large inorganic ocean of nitrogen, ammonia salts, methane, and carbon dioxide bubbling away. When POOF! They say there arose an amino acid. Blub blub blub blub, POOF! There arose another amino acid. A bunch ofamino acids got together and formed peptides, polypeptides, and a combination of amino acids formed protein molecules. The buildin ...

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Respiratory Diseases

... is a disease in which the bronchial passages are made smaller and swelling of the mucous lining causes blockage of breathing, usually due to dust, animal fur or feathers, or pollen. Many people have asthma which is caused by allergies, called extrinsic asthma, usually suffer from hay fever. Non allergic asthma, which adults usually have, is called intrinsic asthma. Intrinsic asthma is usually caused by respiratory infections and emotional upsets. A typical asthma attack begins with coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Some people h ...

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