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Anorexia Nervosa

... nervosa is an eating problem that occurs when a person is unrealistically concerned about being overweight and therefore eat as little as possible. This condition is both a physical illness and a psychiatric illness. Hormone changes result from the low weight and low levels of body fat. In young women menstruation stops. Anorexia nervosa can be very severe illness, including a risk of death from starvation (Encarta Encyclopedia, Internet). Anorexia nervosa is a disorder in which preoccupation with dieting and thinness leads to ...

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Breast Cancer Treatment

... it also suggests clinical examinations every three years (ACS Breast). Mammography is also a wonderful tool for detecting tumors; however, there is conflicting data on when and how often women should have mammograms. What is known is that mammography is the best way to determine if a palpable lump is actually cancerous or not. Treatment methods for breast cancer can be lumped in two major categories; local or systemic. Local treatments are used to destroy or control the cancer cells in a specific area of the body. Surgery and radiation the ...

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... or suffering; and 2. the duty to act to end pain or suffering already occurring. Under the first of these, for a physician or other caregiver to extend mercy to a suffering patient may mean to refrain from procedures that cause further suffering-provided, of course, that the treatment offers the patient no overriding benefits. The ph s performed even though a patient's survival is highly unlikely; although patients in arrest are unconscious at the time of resuscitation, it can be a brutal procedure, and if the patient regains consciousness, i ...

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Cognitive Development In Children: Experiment

... were children from 1990 to 1995 between the ages of three to 11. Apparatus: Some sets of three sample story pairs were used for this experiment, along with a rating sheet, to record the responses from the children. Story Pair One: A. A girl (boy) who is named Susan (Jim) is in her (his) room. She (he) is called to dinner. She (he) starts to go into the dining room, but behind the door there is a chair: On the chair is a tray with 15 cups on it. Susan (Jim) doesn't know that all of this is behind the door. She (he) pushes on the door ...

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Cystic Fibrosis

... If one parent has CF and the other is a carrier than the child has a 50% chance of having CF and a 50% chance of just being a carrier. If both parents are carriers than their child will have a 25% of having CF, a 50% chance of being a carrier and a 25% chance of not being affected. CF is common in both males and females, there is not a specific sex that it is more common in. There are many symptoms to this deadly disease including: salty tasting skin, constant coughing, large amounts of mucus, trouble gaining weight, frequent greasy, fo ...

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AIDS And You

... that have been PROVEN immensely effective in slowing the spread of this hideously lethal disease. In this essay I hope to present this information. History and Overview: AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Defficiency Disease. It is caused by a virus. The disease originated somewhere in Africa about 20 years ago. There it first appeared as a mysterious ailment afflicting primarily heterosexuals of both sexes. It probably was spread especially fast by primarily female prostitutes there. AIDS has already become a crisis of ...

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Turner's Syndrome

... no sex chromosomes fertilizes a normal ovum, resulting in a female that has only one X chromosome, producing a male body type: short, with a broad neck, and usually lacking female internal reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics. The patient is usually sterile and pregnancy is rare. Other signs and symptoms include a low hairline, webbed neck, shield-shaped chest with widely spaced nipples, and usually kidney and heart malformations. The patient may also have immature breasts and be of above-average height. Some are mildly ...

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Eating Right And For The Right Reasons

... her sorority. She does receive money frequently from her parents to pay for her living expenses. She baby-sits every once in a while, and only has 12 units of school. She is about 5’6” and weighs about 120 lbs.. The two men that I studied were different in that one was white and one was of Filipino descent. They both are about the same age 23 and 24, and they both came from your average American middle-class home. Male A is 23 years old and he is the white male. He lives with two other guys about the same age as he is. He is from Stockt ...

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Evaluating Methods Of Contraception

... women used many natural home remedies as a way to prevent pregnancy. Today, men and women want birth control that is safe, effective, affordable, and convenient to use. And now more than ever we have a variety of choices that come close to these ideals. People often need different types of contraceptives to suit the different stages in their lives. A method that is useful for preventing pregnancies temporarily is not necessarily adequate for the woman who wants to stop child bearing completely. And a contraceptive that works well for ...

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Side Effects Of Carl Djerassi And Syntex's Oral Contraceptive

... in Mexico of all places to find it first only added to the excitement of the achievement. Yet aside from all this excitement and competitive fervor something great and disturbing was being bypassed. Science, in my view had done something great without looking into the possibilities of where this would lead. I believe Djerassi, similar to most scientists of his day, was so entranced by the excitement of synthesizing his product and achieving his goal that he did not stop to think of the ramifications of his accomplishment. The ethical dile ...

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Synthetic Drugs Of Abuse

... mescaline, would increase the drugs potentcy, when compared to the precursor. The first acceptet semi-synthetic drug for medical use was heroine. Many semi-synthetic drugs followed. After a longer period fully synthetic drugs appeared. Among theese where : ephedrine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, phenylpropanoleamine (appetite suppresant), nitroglycerine and amylnitrite. Amphetamine, methamphetamine and amylnitrite were abused for their pleasant pharmacological response. Amphetamine and methamphetamine was used as a recreational drug, whic ...

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Teenage Drinking

... they turned 12. Of the 11 million under-age drinkers it is estimated that 5 million are either binge or heavy drinkers. So why are teens drinking alcohol despite the age restriction? Simple it’s because of advertising company’s for large beer and alcohol companies glorifying drinking through commercials, radio ads and movies. It is estimated that by the time a teen turns 18 he/she has seen an estimated 100,000 beer commercials. With teens making up a large number of TV viewers and radio listeners, they are exposed to these advertisements o ...

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