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Euthanasia - Immoral Or Human Right?

... in human beings. It is the power over life and death, and responsibilities no one wishes to take, have to be taken. This, of cause, leads to the ultimatum, that it is the patients own choice. But can we allow some one to take their own lives? Doesn't this mean that everyone else around the patient have failed, that more could have been done? From the patients point of view, a lot of arguments talk in favor of euthanasia. For one, no body wants to be a burden. If a person has had a car accident which paralyses him from neck and down, and i ...

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... normal blood clotting are effected. In males, the single X chromosome that is effected cannot compensate for the lack, and hence will show the defect. In females, however, only one of the two chromosomes will be abnormal. (unless she is unlucky enough to inherit haemophilia from both sides of the family, which is rare.)2 The other chromosome is likely to be normal and she can therefore compensate for this defect. There are two types of haemophilia, haemophilia A and B. Haemophilia A is a hereditary disorder in which bleeding is due to d ...

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The Six Essential Nutrients

... beans, and pasta.Sugars are simple carbohydrates found mainly in fruits such as plums, strawberries, and oranges, as well as syrups and jellies. Fats: to many people, eating fat means getting fat. Yet fats are an essential nutrient. Fast provide energy for your body and are also used as building materials. Fats also are important in the synthesis of hormones, for protecting body organs against injury, and for insulating the body from cold. Sources of fat in the diet include meats, nuts, and dairy products, as well as cooking oils. P ...

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Attention Deficit Disorder And Impassivity And Overactivity

... Hyperactivity is easy to spot, and more boys than girls tend to be hyperactivity. If one person in a family has ADHD, there is a good chance that someone else in the family had or has it too. (Beal 10) It is best to get evaluated for ADHD as early as possible. In most cases, someone at school, a teacher, counselor, or principal suggest a student be tested for ADHD. The evaluations usually take time and are done in two parts. First a student takes one or more of the following tests: Intelligence to help evaluate the students IQ and r ...

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Stressed With Stress

... distress, which is often referred to as stress. There are many things that cause stress. In my opinion, this is the most important part of this whole report because knowing the cause for stress can help you avoid stressful situations. Just about any problem using thought can cause stress. One of the most stressful of all things, especially for teenagers, are social events. Popularity, friends, relationships, and looks are more stressful things to teenagers than parents. However, adults tend to face such stressors as meeting deadlines, fe ...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

... the hands and feet. The synovium secretes more fluid, which makes the joints more swollen. In later stages, the cartilage becomes rough and pitted. Tendon and ligaments also becomes inflamed, scarred and shortened, leading to deformities in hands and feet. Although is termed an auto-immune disease, a hereditary link is also a possible explanation. People with almost always have an antibody called Rheumatoid factor present in their blood. Diagnosis of is based on X-rays, symptom evaluation, and blood tests showing high levels of Rheumatoid ...

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The Brain

... keeps itself safe by keeping itself liquid. Nearly one fifth of the blood pumped by the heart is sent to . The cerebrum makes up about 85 percent of the weight of the human brain. It controls all of the movements that you have to think about, thought and memory. The cerebrum is split in two different sections, the right half and the left half. These half's are also known as hemispheres. These hemispheres are connected by bundles of nerve fibres. Each of theses hemispheres are divided into 4 regions names as the bone of the skull that ...

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Creatine Supplements And Athletes

... in fat free mass. Other theories of side effects stemming from creatine supplementation have been proposed. These side effect, most all be negative, have never been documented in scientific literature. Athletes ranging from high school to the Olympics have reported tremendous improvements in anaerobic events and gains of fat-free mass from creatine supplementation. Creatine supplementation works in the real world. With the overwhelming evidence from theory to application, creatine supplementation does improve body composition and athlet ...

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What's Love Got To Do With It; Everything!

... can stand in its way. In the following pages I will be discussing Raymond Carvers short story, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. It is a story that explores all types of love, jealous, brutal, physical and spiritual. Written in 1981, it is very contemporary in its style and its meaning can be applied easily to everyday life. Only love that is true in your heart is love, the rest are other emotions sublimated into love. With this in mind, we should look at people around us, people who are in love. Ask to yourself ...

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Femoral Hernia

... bulge through. Hernias may develop in almost any area of the body, but they most frequently occur in the abdomen or groin. Hernias are commonly called "ruptures," but this is a misnomer, as nothing is torn or ruptured. Hernias can be present from birth (congenital) or can be caused by stress and/or strain. A femoral hernia is just one of many different types of hernias. They occur when a part of the intestine protrudes into the femoral canal. The femoral canal is the tubular passageway that carries blood vessels and nerves from the abdom ...

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Forensic Pathology

... medical examiners office may be called upon a crime scene by request of police or homicide detectives. The medical examiners office usually sends a field examiner to the scene of a crime. At the scene many preliminary examinations are used to aid in determination of cause of death. Some of these include the following: pronounce victim(s) dead, look for external injuries, stage of rigor mortis, take body temperature to determine time of death, examine area around body, determine how and when the body will be moved, and make pre ...

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Heartburn And Gallstones

... and Ellison). Posture also causes heartburn, for example, if after eating a large fairly acidic food, and lying straight back, the acid moves back from the stomach. Also, if you lean over while working, pressure builds in the organs, pushing the acids upwards. Heartburn is often very uncomfortable for the individual who has it. There are not many symptoms, but the ones most commonly found are, a burning sensation in the chest and upper abdomen, sore throat, and when the mouth sometimes fills with a liquid called water brash. Heartburn ...

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