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Homosexuality And The Healthcare Profession

Part one of term paper
Stiernborg (1992) suggests, from his own study, that attitudes underpin knowledge and consequently, affect the actions of a healthcare professional. Acknowledging this finding, the writer proposes to define the term's homophobia and attitude. He then aims to differentiate between the terms homosexual and gay or lesbian as terms of reference. ...

Part two of term paper
... for these attitudes existing. Following this, he will look at how these attitudes can effect care within his own clinical area. Finally, he will aim to suggest ways that may lead to a greater degree of understanding and therefore an improvement in the care of this patient group and their relatives. The writer’s main incentive for writing this paper comes from his work as a volunteer for a local gay/lesbian helpline, as well as his observations within his professional work-place, namely, an Intensi ...

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