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Herbal Medicines

Part one of term paper
What has been on the earth for hundreds of years, pushed out of the way and forgotten, and now the number one drug of America and other countries around the world? It is herbal medicine. have lasted through all the new technology of penicillin and over-the-counter antibiotics and are still one of the number one cures of the world. People a ...

Part two of term paper
... be a downslide. Controversy, also, has risen with the question of whether or not should actually replace conventional drugs. One of the reasons people are looking to is that have been shown to have some good effects. have a tendency to be more gentle on the body and safer than conventional medicines. Herbs are usually "more dillute, slower acting and their side effects are usually less severe"(Flint np). Since herbs do tend to be more dillute, it decreases the risk of the more serious side e ...

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