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Cystic Fibrosis

Part one of term paper
Imagine having a child that had to have his chest "gently pounded" on everyday in order to survive. Imagine having to do this through the cries and pleads from your child "please mommy not today". Yes this may sound terrible and even painful, but it is required to keep the child alive. Actually this is the every day routine for a parent ...

Part two of term paper
... by the age of three. Cystic Fibrosis occurs in one in every three live births and affects approximately 30,000 children and young adults each year. One in every 29 Americans, or over 10 million, are unknowing symptomless carriers. This disease affects the liver, pancreas, airways, small intestine, reproductive tract, sweat glands, and your skin. is accompanied by many symptoms; some of the most common are salty-tasting skin, persistent coughing, wheezing, or pneumonia (Scientific 1) ...

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