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Mad Cow's Disease And Mad Man

Part one of term paper
Man is king of the food chain and for the most part it is NOT necessary for us to "hunt". We are the only species who has the ability to cultivate crops; breed animals for food and store food for longer time periods with out spoilage. Food is plentiful. However, human nature, man's greatest enemy, has exploited the earth to the point where ...

Part two of term paper
... won't be grilling steaks, the only burger you can grill these days are veggie burgers and don't even think about hotdogs…they were dangerous before the meat went bad. You won't even be able to have the Jell-O surprise Aunt Sally made so well. You may not have to imagine this scenario if man does not change its' destructive ways. It all started 200 years ago, with a disease known as "Scrapie". Scrapie is a naturally occurring disease of sheep found in many parts of the world and ...

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