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Depression: The Heart Of Darkness Article By Francesca Delbanco

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The Heart of Darkness by Francesca Delbanco is an article about depression. The article defines depression and the means to cope with it. Depression is caused by many things in life from a death in a family or friend, the feeling of an low self esteem to a disastrous relationship with a mate or companion. The authors article, states that ev ...

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... Suicide is the action where one terminate their own life. This is a large problem in America especially in situations that deals with teenagers. Teens and even adults do not want to consider the idea that there is a way of saving themselves. The method of saving one self is long and strenuous, but worthwhile in the future. One have to be steadily committed to saving them selves. The first thing that the article tells you to do is to realize that there are people whom are willing to help. ...

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