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Personal Writing: My First Murder

Part one of term paper
I committed my first murder at the age of twelve. I had killed before, but before there were always motives such as self defense and protection of property. On December 25, 1991, however, I killed for the carnal sake of killing. Taking this life did not feel wrong until the fraction of a second after it was too late. I remember vividly the p ...

Part two of term paper
... I felt no comfort in knowing I had my father and the government on my side. I still suffered prosecution, not from any judge or jury, but from myself. I am sure that by now you are appalled (a little anyway) with me. It may not change your feelings any, but at least let me explain that I did not kill any human being. The life which I took belonged to a squirrel, and squirrel was in season. some would call it a rodent, too stupid to get out of the path of their Goodyears. On the other hand, I a ...

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